What is BioVitall

BioVitall Powder is a 100% natural product. The advantage of these products is that they can be used without problems in animal farming, agriculture and horticulture as well as water / wastewater treatment and aquaculture. In short the whole agricultural world on the planet. In animal husbandry the products in our experience can accomplish an ammonia and odor reduction from 80 to 90%. Various studies in animal husbandry done by universities show
that a 7% sharper feed conversion is possible, also with a 7% better growth. In agriculture and horticulture with only 1kg BioVitall Powder per hectare a return of 10-15% more can be achieved at very low cost in for example sugar beet, corn, potatoes, etc. In short, who would not want such a product? We have the best research results in the world.

BioVitall Powder Products

BioVitall Powder for Feed (BVP-F)

BioVitall Powder for feed (BVP-F) is a fully natural product (chalk powder or salt) without additives.

BioVitall Powder for Plants/crops (BVP-P)

BioVitall Powder for Plants/crops (BVP-P) is a treated for 100% salt or magnesium sulfate in which an oxygen / activation has been applied.

BioVitall Powder for Manure (BVP-M)

BioVitall Powder for manure is a salt or chalk (natural product) with high effectiveness.

BioVitall Powder for Water (BVP-W)

BioVitall Powder for water (BVP-W) is an ideal organic/natural product against for example algae in water.

BioVitall Powder for Drinking Water (BVP-D)

BioVitall Powder for the drinking water for animals is a potent natural salt (dietary salt) that can be added to the drinking water.

BioVitall Poeder for Compost (BVP-C)

BioVitall Powder for compost (BVP-C) is an ideal organic/natural product to aid in composting.