The Operating Principle of BioVitall

For the production of BioVitall Powder products (BVP) powdered chalk, (feed)salt or magnesium sulphate are respectively used as the carrier, depending on the product-type. No substances are added to these carriers; rather they are packed with the function, i.e. the dynamics of oxygen. It is generally known that each and every substance known to man has its individual function or dynamic. For example, if required the dynamics/function of every (natural)substance could be transposed onto the carrier. Without then adding the substance to the carrier the function/dynamics of the substance exists. The animal recognises this as such and takes what it needs. The substance however isn’t emitted into the environment. The administration of it cannot be shown only in grams for example. It works very nice.
When using for example the BioVitall Powder for manure (BVP-M Plus) the information on the product can be used in the same way with oxygen-rich water in which it is dissolved. The water is also packed with the information. Should this solution be added to the manure, with the initial help of the oxygen in the water, the oxygen-loving bacteria will multiply very quickly. This bacteria then emits CO2. As manure contains algue, they in turn absorbs the CO2, multiplies very quickly and emits oxygen. This oxygen is available immediately for the growth of the oxygen-loving bacteria too. Wherever the various BioVitall Powder products are used an oxygen-poor (anaerobic) process shall therefore be converted into an oxygen-rich (aerobic) one. When using the product in veal-calves (white)yellow manure, you can soon see how it turns green through organism growth (algue).
Carbon dioxide is present in the manure moisture. As a result the manure bubbles and layers will dissolve, resulting in homogeneous manure. The pH-value ends up at around seven (neutral). The entire aforementioned process reduces both stench and ammonia by 80-90%, just like that. Moreover, the process shall work through into the soil via the manure as here too the oxygen-loving bacteria will multiply very quickly. This can increase the yield by 10-15% as the plant grows more roots, grows better and will be much stronger.
Various research studies have shown that when the BVP-V (CC-HG) product is mixed through animal-feed an aerobic process occurs instantly in the animal which results in much improved digestion.

To reiterate: BioVitall Powder converts an anaerobic process into an aerobic process.

The BioVitall Powder Products

BioVitall Powder for Plants/crops (BVP-P)

BioVitall Powder for Plants/crops (BVP-P) is a treated for 100% salt or magnesium sulfate in which an oxygen / activation has been applied.

BioVitall Powder for Feed (BVP-F)

BioVitall Powder for feed (BVP-F) is a fully natural product (chalk powder or salt) without additives.

BioVitall Powder for Manure (BVP-M)

BioVitall Powder for manure is a salt or chalk (natural product) with high effectiveness.

BioVitall Powder for Water (BVP-W)

BioVitall Powder for water (BVP-W) is an ideal organic/natural product against for example algae in water.

BioVitall Powder for Drinking Water (BVP-D)

BioVitall Powder for the drinking water for animals is a potent natural salt (dietary salt) that can be added to the drinking water.

BioVitall Poeder for Compost (BVP-C)

BioVitall Powder for compost (BVP-C) is an ideal organic/natural product to aid in composting.