BioVitall Powder for Water (BVP-W)

BioVitall Powder for Water (BVP-W)

BioVitall Powder for water (BVP-W) is an ideal organic/natural product against for example algae in water. By using this product in ponds, it is possible to completely clarify them. In the product is an oxygen/activation made ​​so that when applying the product the oxygen-loving bacteria in the water will grow very fast. There will be so much oxygen-loving bacteria in the water resulting the algae to disappear through the oxygen-rich circumstances. The product is tested in practice.

BVP-W is available in chalk powder or salt form.

Use of the product

For small ponds (0-10 m3 of water) at least 50 grams of BVP-W per cubic meter of water, if necessary repeat several times eg every 3 to 4 weeks.

For larger ponds up to 100 m3 of water at least 20 grams BVP-W per cubic meter of water, if necessary repeat once after 4 weeks.

For ponds up to 100 m3 at least 5 to 10 grams per cubic meter of water. If necessary repeat one after 4 to 6 weeks.


Dissolve the product, 50 grams in 10 liters of water, well in oxygen-rich water (tap water or water from an iron removal installation with spray) and then casting in the pond with a bucket. Not spray over it.


Keep the product dry and protect it from (electro) magnetic fields as power lines, loudspeakers, electric motors. Not lay too close. Don’t store under continuous fluorescent lighting(neon)/bulbs or sunlight.

Chemical analysis: 100% chalk powder or 100% salt with oxygen/activation.