BioVitall Powder for Plants/crops (BVP-P)

BioVitall Powder for Plants/crops (BVP-P)

BioVitall Powder for Plants/crops (BVP-P) is a treated for 100% salt or magnesium sulfate in which an oxygen / activation has been applied. It has a high effectiveness in plants or crops. Dissolved in oxygenated water and applied over the young plant that has just growed or, if possible before it grows, the product lets the oxygen-loving bacteria in the soil grow very strong/fast. This will allow the plant or the plant roots get stronger, better and grow more roots and thus grow more yield. It is not ruled out that the returns of for example potatoes, corn, grain, sugar, etc. increase 10 to 15%. The formation of humus in the soil will improve much more.

How to use

Per hectare of crop one uses 1 kg of BVP-P. Dissolve the product in preferably 200-400 ltr. oxygenated water (tap water) and spray once at the same time when the first crop is sprayed with herbicides pesticides (take along in the spray tank). Do this as soon as possible after sowing or planting and in any case if the plant is small. While planting potatoes one can already spray the BVP-P. Importantly, the product has to be put directly on the soil for good effect. Further treatment is no longer necessary. Use per growing season.

In the open field and greenhouse (smaller areas), it is best to use 20 grams of BVP-P per 10 m2 (20 grams per watering can of 10 ltr.). Cover the bottom with BVP-P as the plant has just grown or just before. After an interval of approximately 14 days you can do it once again. The product can also be of good use with flowers and houseplants.


On a recognized Test Farm (Arable) good objective tests are done with potatoes (for consumption). In 4 items measured without and 4 items measured with, the tests with give as much as a:

  • More of yield: 5100 kg per hectare (approx. 12%)


Keep the product dry and protect it from (electro) magnetic fields as power lines, loudspeakers, electric motors. Not lay too close. Don’t store under continuous fluorescent lighting(neon)/bulbs or sunlight.