BioVitall Powder for Manure (BVP-M)

BioVitall Powder for Manure (BVP-M)

What is BioVitall Powder (BVP-M)?

BioVitall Powder for manure is a salt or chalk (natural product) with high effectiveness. It will improve the quality of all types of manure. This can also be used in sheep or horse stables for example. It is harmless and chemically neutral. Because of the special treatment (oxygen activation) that the product gets, it distinguishes completely from the normal salt or chalk powder. BVP-M is based on salt.

How does BioVitall Powder work (BVP-M)?

The product is dissolved in oxygenated water and placed in and over the manure. Then the oxygen-loving bacteria grow very rapidly. The negative decay process is transformed into a positive decay process. So from oxygen-poor to oxygen-rich. The release of ammonia will greatly reduce under normal conditions  (up to 2-4 ppm) as well as methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. The acidity goes to the neutral pH level 7. There arises carbon dioxide from the liquid manure which will go bubbling and within about one week blistering can be seen in / on the manure. Caking will start to dissolve and the manure will become homogeneous. Mixing is usually not necessary anymore. Also, the manure will stop smelling and go green color because the algae grow rapidly in the manure. Also reduces the fly nuisance. The ammonium (nitrogen) content in the manure will be higher so that the fertilizer value of manure is increased significantly and the activation of oxygen in the soil continues. The latter is especially important.

Possible uses

In the manure pit in caking and weekly in the stable on the slatted floor or on the manure to improve the stable climate. By the almost immediate reduction of ammonia and bad smell in the stable the following results will be achieved;

  • better stable climate – little ammonia 
  • better health in the animals 
  • better growth – better meat quality 
  • better milk production
  • better feed processing / sharper feed conversion 
  • homogeneous and valuable manure 
  • good for the health of farmers 
  • against foaming in the manure 


No combustion will takes place. Soil fertility will increase and there will be much less unpleasant odors in the area. Because the oxygen activation via the manure affects the soil the returns of crop may just increase 10-15%.


Read the instructions for optimal results.