BioVitall Poeder for Compost (BVP-C)

BioVitall Poeder for Compost (BVP-C)

BioVitall Powder for compost (BVP-C) is an ideal organic/natural product to aid in composting. By using this product, it is possible to shorten the composting time by half and that without virtually no odor. In the product information is an oxygen/activation made ​​so that when applying the product, the oxygen-loving bacteria will grow very rapid and thus decay much faster. The composting process will therefore positively be influenced and also the quality of the compost. The product is tested in practice.

For composting i.e. vegetables, fruit and garden waste (GFT) is to use approximately 20 grams of BVP-C per m3 organic waste, well dissolved in 10 liters of oxygen-rich water (tap water or water from an iron removal installation with spray).

Spread the product in layers, so for example pour the product over 20 cm organic waste. Thereafter repeat at every 20 cm organic waste. Possibly before, stir the existing compost. Put the new garden waste on top and pour with a watering can.

Use at composting businesses

Use 2 to 4 kg of BVP-C per 100 m3 of organic waste. Solve it in about 500 à 1000 liters of oxygen-rich water (tap water) and pour the mixture well divided on/through the organic waste. This treatment can be done once. The compost pile has to be turned over later.


Keep the product dry and protect it from (electro) magnetic fields as power lines, loudspeakers, electric motors. Not lay too close. Don’t store under continuous fluorescent lighting(neon)/bulbs or sunlight.

Chemical analysis: 100% chalk powder with oxygen/activation.